The Nesbit 5E

Into the Pyramid of the Trial [retconned]

Observations by Tau'ma

I arrived in the area, drawn by word that the children of this village were going missing.

Several other adventurers arrived, drawn here for reasons of their own:

  • One Human:

    • An eldritch knight named Lysander whose Halberd moves with the grace of the dancers of Al Qadim


  • One Half Elf:

    • A minstrel knight named Tirrawen whose words pierce as deep as the arrows that follow them, and


  • Two Elves:

    • A rogue named Hagen with a burning curiosity that is the match of any in my homeland,  and
    • A ranger whose skill at the hunt is truly impressive.  

The village elders explained the  situation to us and sent us in.

Inside, we found that many of the halls had traps, spitting fire and other forms of energy at the unsuspecting.  Even progressing with caution, we saw no sign of the triggers for these traps, making avoiding them extremely challenging.

As we moved deeper into the pyramid, advancing to the second tier, we found a pair of enraged cave bears.  These brutes nearly took me from the service of the light forever, but with teamwork, we dispatched them.  At this time I began to deeply question the wisdom of the villagers, sending children to face cave bears that were nearly a match for us.

After taking a short break to catch our breath and bind our wounds, we proceeded on, Hagen disabling the traps as we reached them.  We mounted to the third tier of the pyramid, and were soon set upon by an orcish hunting party.  They were lead by a formidable chieftain – almost certainly as dangerous on his own as the cave bears.  Depleted as we were after facing the cave bears, we were again battered but emerged victorious.  We found their campsite just a little further in, and Hagen discovered a chest with a false bottom which hid a jewel encrusted sword.

Other items that we found were two vials labeled with [[zz-potion | wavy lines]] and one with a cone of curved lines, and a [[orc-ring | ring]] that appears to bear further investigation.

We then made camp, for we were sorely weary, at which time I penned these notes.

Yours in joyful service,

Tau'ma, Warrior Knight, and Guardian of the Treasures of the Ancients


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